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CEN offers a thorough mix of degree and certificate programs to meet your organization's varying needs. Our degree programs include an Executive MBA and an LLM program. Our certificate programs include training in Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems Management, International Business and Law, Cross-cultural Negotiations, Executive Coaching, Certified Product Lifecycle Management, and Certified Six Sigma. Read on to discover more about each offering.

Degree Programs

CEN has orchestrated the development and deployment of a number of degree programs in partnership with several universities located in both the US and China. There programs primarily serve corporations with their need to upgrade the knowledge and skills of middle to upper level managers.


Our Executive Masters of Business Administration leverages partnerships between the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), TU, XJU, USTB.

UT Arlington's EMBA-China program is the largest of any foreign university in China. Started in 2002, the program currently has enrollment of nearly 400 students and an alumni base of over 600 graduates. Most of the students are senior corporate executives, mid-level managers, professionals of multinational corporations, China's state-owned companies, and private enterprises. Degrees are offered to students in Beijing (partnering with the University of Science and Technology Beijing), Shanghai (partnering with Tongji University), Shenzhen (partnering with Xi'an Jiaotong University), and Suzhou (also with Tongji University). The program is designed to help executives and managers in China prepare for the changing business environment and embrace the unprecedented opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

The rapid paced 18-month, part-time program is designed to teach students to apply state-of-the-art management concepts and skills to real world cases. Throughout the program, students gain experience in distilling a situation into a well defined problem; applying tools and concepts to analyze a variety of alternative solutions; and selecting and defending their recommended course of action. Three quarters of the courses are delivered by American professors (some of whom are bilingual) who have extensive teaching experience as well as business experience. The remaining professors are Chinese educators from local partners. Each course will be taught during a weekend and two adjunct working days (usually Thursday and Friday) each month. Prior to and after the lecture by each American professor, one or two tutoring sessions are delivered by Chinese professors. The twelve (12) courses represent the key areas of business administration including Strategy, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, and International Management.

This program has been officially approved by the Office of Academic Degrees and the Ministry of Education and leads to an Executive Master of Business Degree, fully acredited by the AACSB.


The intensive 12-month LLM program is designed to provide top quality law education to high level legal talents in China. The program consists of eight (8) courses totaling twenty-four (24) credit hours. Graduating students are awarded an LLM degree by the Case Western Reserve University School of Law upon completion of the following eight (8) courses:

  1. Introduction to American Legal System: 4 credits
  2. American Contract Law: 3 credits
  3. American Business Environment: 3 credit
  4. International Business Transaction: 3 credits
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions: 3 credits
  6. International Intellectual Property: 3 credits
  7. Enterprise Design: 3 credits
  8. International Arbitration: 3 credits

Founded in 1892, Case School of Law was one of the first schools accredited by the American Bar Association and was a charter member of the American Association of Law School (AALS). In recent years, Case Law School has ranked in the top 50 law schools in the United States.

For further details, please contact us at 010 1331 1032 954 or email us at degreeprograms@ChinaEducation.net.

Certificate Programs

CEN has developed a complete line of certificate programs in all major functional business areas. These programs are continually updated by world class scholars and bilingual instructors capitalizing on both new research findings and case studies. Our programs can be tailored to industry-specific or corporate-specific needs, and the length of the program can be as short as one day or as long as several months. The programs can be delivered on-site at the corporation or in China.

As the experienced provider of executive education, the CEN Mini-MBA draws upon our rich international education resources to offer organizations in China world-class executive development programs. Our bilingual faculty team has extensive business and industry knowledge in a global context. The programs will focus on the key areas of management and will enable executives to identify problems and opportunities in a particular area, develop solutions, build operational capabilities, and make sound decisions. Each of the Mini-MBA programs typically include four (4) to six (6) courses and will last four (4) to six (6) months. Each course is delivered over a 2-3 day session, usually beginning on Thursday and ending Friday or Saturday.


The Marketing program provides a comprehensive, intense review of how these functions must grow and expand as companies become competitive. Beyond offering descriptions of how each function must contribute to the performance of a competitive company, these course segments provide concrete, "hands-on" tools that managers can use to immediately enhance the performance of their front line, supervisory, and executive personnel. Not every current executive is ready for the challenges of marketing. But those who can gain the necessary competitive skills will become effective, successful leaders for the competitive companies of tomorrow in an increasingly global marketplace.

Human Resources Management

The curriculum for the Human Resources Management program includes a combination of core offerings in human resources, selection of two of four specialized topics, and completion of case study project. Online course instruction will be enriched through attendance at live sessions. Participants will be able to learn from and interact with distinguished human resources managers and industry experts as part of the Distinguished Speakers’ Series.


The Finance program examines how the concept of Finance has to change within a competitive company and industry. Financial expertise needs to migrate throughout a company to insure that appropriate business decisions are made on a competitive timetable. The course carefully examines some of the specific,non-traditional investments – in information systems, project finance, mergers, and acquisitions – that take on a completely new perspective in the competitive company.


As competition increases and pressure builds for better performance, corporate decisions on strategy as well as specific operational plans rely upon accurate accounting information and projections. Therefore, accounting managers and finance officers need to possess both accounting and finance skills and knowledge to develop, maintain, and interpret complex accounting systems as well as communication skills. This program will equip participants with the skills and knowledge in order to be an effective team-member in the corporate decision-making process.

Information Systems Management

This program addresses the management of information resources from a senior management viewpoint. Rather than presenting the technical details of information technology (IT), we will seek a high-level, general understanding of technology and treat it as a tool for improving operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness. Topics covered in the course include and may not be limited to:

  • The role and impact of modern information technology and systems in organizations and its management
  • Information technology and corporate competitive strategy
  • Survey of information technology applications in business
  • Management and implementation issues in information systems development
  • Leadership in managing the information systems function
  • Management and outsourcing of the information systems function
  • Information systems planning and strategy
  • Knowledge management
  • Management and strategy for electronic commerce and electronic business

International Business and Law

The program addresses the challenges confronting organizations in international markets. It enhances management practice by developing a deep understanding of the strategic challenges that must be addressed to build a formidable market presence in an international setting. The course provides participants with a practical understanding of how to compete successfully in international business and supports the development of strategic management capabilities in participants' organizations on a par with the best international competitors. This program also gives participants an overview about the major factors affecting how business is conducted across borders and related laws affecting international business in today’s increasingly global economy. Instructors are either faculty members from prestigious business and law schools, corporate executives with rich international business experice, or experienced partners from world class law firms who have won many cases for their clients in international law.

Cross-cultural Negotiations

Companies face a formidable communications challenge as they transition to a competition-based enterprise. First, competitive companies have to determine their new universe of stakeholders. These stakeholders include not only the government, media, labor and environmental stakeholders companies have encountered historically, but competition brings new sets of external stakeholders to the forefront, including competitors, suppliers, the international media, strategic allies, and the international financial community. The competitive company must then develop an integrated communications strategy that addresses each of these stakeholder groups in ways that are mutually reinforcing, memorable, and strategically sound. The eight modules that constitute the Negotiation program provides a comprehensive review of the critical issues that companies must anticipate and manage in the transition to competition. Beyond offering descriptions of the change that will occur, these modules provide progressive, practical communications tools that executives can use immediately to gain strategic advantage in competitive markets.

Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Program helps leaders polish their proficiencies and overcome performance barriers in terms of improving and strengthening their attitudes, thinking patterns, and behaviours. Specifically, it:

  • Provides leaders with a valuable opportunity to discuss their strengths and difficulties in a one-on-one session with an experienced business coach
  • Prepares high performing managers for executive positions
  • Integrates leadership development with succession planning efforts
  • Helps guide leaders in complex negotiations in cross-cultural settings to achieve the desired results

Certified Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management is an integrated, information driven approach to all aspects of a product’s life from its design inception, through its manufacture, deployment and maintenance, and culminating in its removal from service and final disposal. PLM encompasses numerous constituencies including engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing; and numerous processes, including design, manufacturing, in-use product information, supply chain management, and customer support.

Certified Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a management philosophy that emphasizes setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analyzing results to a fine degree as a way to reduce defects in products and services. The Six Sigma Online Green Belt Certification Program will enable the participants to learn the skills necessary to execute a complete Six Sigma project or a high impact project sub-task and to prepare for your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Among others, CEN has served corporate clients including SASAC, China Petroleum Corporation, China First Auto Group, China Marine Container Corporation, Sino Pac, Norinco, ElM International, UTA, and CWRU. For further details, please contact us at 010 1331 1512 668 or email us at certificateprograms@ChinaEducation.net.