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China Market Entry Strategy Training

Is your company looking to enter the Chinese market? Do you have questions aout how to reach your target consumers or how to connect with the right partners?

China Education Network's China Market Entry training can help you reach your goals and objectives. We offer the training you need to successfully enter and establish your brand in the Chinese market. From our standard program to our custom training solutions, China Education Network can put you and your company on the fast-track to success in China.

I. Standard Program

In general, six of the below eleven standard programs are presented in a three consecutive-day period plus two days of corporate visits to the related corporations that are of interest to most participants. The cost of a standard three-day program is $400-$950/per day per participant (depending upon the number of participants and the type of instructors and speakers the program involves). Discounts may apply on a case-by-case basis.

Core Modules

  1. Economic, Social and Political Environments in China - Let China’s top government experts and SASAC (State-Owned Asset Supervisory and Administration Commission of China) officials help you to navigate the interweaved economic, social and political systems in China and understand their implications for doing business in China. Understand the structure, functions and authorities of different administrative branches of the central and local government in relation to entry strategy in China.
  2. SASAC and China’s SOEs - Understand the main functions and responsibilities of SASAC. Acquire from SASAC officials up-to-date knowledge of and insights into China's regulatory structure governing China’s State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).
  3. Opportunities and Challenges Facing China’s SOEs - Hear from SASAC officials and senior executives of China’s leading corporation discussing the opportunities and challenge facing today’s China’s SOEs and examining potential areas of cooperation in different industries and regions within the network of SASAC.
  4. Entry Strategies in China - Understand the limitations and potential of investment strategies opening to foreign-investment enterprises. Analyze the benefits and weaknesses of various entry strategies.
  5. Investment Environment and Restructuring Possibilities in China - Understand how to select appropriate investment vehicles in China. Evaluate the desirability of a domestic company versus an offshore holding company. Review merger and corporate restructuring in China.
  6. Managing Joint Ventures in China - Examine various forms of joint ventures and their opportunities as an entry strategy and acquire a unique insight into possible pitfalls. Suggest new ways to structure alliances to meet the diverse needs of different stakeholders.
  7. Legal and Regulatory issues in China - Understand the basic legal and regulatory framework in China and the dynamics of dispute resolution. Explore pragmatic solutions for negotiating contracts and obtaining regulatory approvals.
  8. Marketing in China - Examine the key issues in matching the objectives and resources of the organization with customer needs and market opportunities in the dynamic and fragmented marketplace of China.
  9. Successful Negotiation in China - Find out the secrets of successful negotiations in China and achieve win-win results through understanding Chinese culture and its influences on the process and outcomes of business dealings.
  10. Human Resources Challenges in China - Examine the traditional and strategic roles of human resources management in the Chinese context. Identify critical issues facing human resources management in different stages of business development and provide possible solutions to deal with employment morale, productivity, performance assessment, training and compensation.
  11. Supply Chain Management in China - Analyze the unique distribution systems in China. Learn how to manage the supply chain across the vast geographical spread of the highly fragmented markets in China.

II. Tailor-made Program

The Program can also be tailored according to specific needs of clients. For instance, corporations who are interested in learning more about the know-how as how to start a new business in China, or who are interested in obtaining an update/insights on the new policies or trends for their existing senior management team in China, or who are interested in "how to obtain proper license for their operations in China", etc.

III. Networking and Cultural Events

These special events are designed to connect you with the right people in China. More description needed. Events can include the following:

  1. Company Visits and Internships - Arrangement can be made to visit operations of China’s State-owned Enterprises, multinationals, China’s domestic private enterprises.
  2. Networking Events - Welcome banquet with SASAC officials and executives; Cocktail gathering with SASAC official and executives, and members of China Executive Association
  3. Historical and Cultural Sites - Visits can be arranged to Chinese historical and cultural sites, like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Heavenly Temple, the Summer Palace. Participants will also participate in cultural events including savoring some of China’s best regional cuisines and get the opportunity to appreciate Chinese culture such as Beijing Opera, have a drink in Hehai, the Beijing bar and pub district, watch a Chinese movie, attend a rock concert in China, etc.
  4. New Development Landmarks - New landmarks such as the 2008 Olympic sites including, the Birds Nest, Water Cube, the CCTV Tower, and new national theater, Wangfujing shopping area, and the 798 Art District, etc.

At the end of the program, should participants need additional help with market access, operation assistance, etc., CEN/SASAC will find you any necessary support.

For more information, please contact meprogram@ChinaEducation.net.