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China Executive Program

Prgram Objectives

To seize the opportunities offered by China’s high economic growth, western corporations and executives need to prepare for the challenges ahead by understanding China’s unique regulatory structure and business environment and acquire up-to-date knowledge on the current policy issues and management techniques necessary for operating in China.

CEN has teamed up with the executive training center of the State-Owned Asset Supervisory and Administration Commission of China (SASAC) to develop a China executive training program to address the needs of western corporations and executives. SASAC is the regulatory agency which supervises China’s fortune 100 corporations. Since 2004, CEN and SASAC have worked together to offer EMBA program for senior executives of the SASAC system. So far, there are over 200 SASAC executives have enrolled in the EMBA program.

This executive program will offer western executives updated information on current regulatory and policy issues related to their China entry strategy. It also provides western executives with insights and in depth knowledge of different industries in China. After the training program, western executives will gain a balanced view on China’s business practice including Chinese framework for communication and relationship building so they can approach business relationships in a constructive and realistic manner. The program also equips the executives with the knowledge and tools to deal with marketing, HR, legal and other management technical issues in China. Through SASAC’s extensive network, the program also provides western executives with lots of networking opportunities and dialogues with Chinese corporate leaders and policy makers.

What the Program Offers

The program helps executives to:

  1. Acquire from SASAC officials up-to-date knowledge of and insights into China's regulatory structure and policies related to foreign corporations operating in or planning to enter China;
  2. Gain new insight in different industries in China from and network with industry experts and corporate leaders of SASAC;
  3. Evaluate different investment and acquisition strategies and develop successful strategies to enter the China market from experienced investment and M&A experts;
  4. Learn how to communicating effectively with Chinese executives and gain insight into successful negotiation in China;
  5. Learn how to identify, anticipate, and resolve problems in managing joint ventures with Chinese SOEs;
  6. Gain new insights in strategic decision-making in the areas of marketing, managing workforce, and handling legal issues in China from marketing, HR and legal experts experienced in China.